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A 1 Hour 43 Minutes DVD of Artist Kenneth John. UNCUT, just painting as he does in his studio. KEN has sold over 600 seascape oil paintings over the last 10 years and he shares his success with you in this DVD, that can be watched on TV or Computer.

Watch and listen as this artist paints a this California Impressionist scene from start to finish. Along the way, KEN talks about the basics of Seascape Painting, how he mixes for color, what he is thinking about as he paints, materials used, mistakes made in typical seascape paintings, etc.

KEN has been a computer graphics professor for the past dozen years and has painted oils for many more years. He shares his experience as a teacher, demonstrator, artist and everyday passion for the beginner and intermediate painter.


See an example with a short clip of the instructional DVD from YouTube

There are no bells and whistles, thrills or spills on the packaging of this DVD. I tried to keep the costs down, the material on the DVD is what is important for you to learn. The DVD plays in your TV or on your Computer.



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