Ken Paintings DVD's

Artist Kenneth John, lecturing and showing you how to get started with figure sketching with his Art Drawing 103 DVD. KEN has found success as an oil painter and teacher over the last 10 years and he shares his success with you on this DVD, that can be watched on TV or Computer. The DVD video is approximately 1 hour.

Watch and listen as this artist explains some of the basic terms, concepts and principles of basic figure drawing, emphasizing proportion and angles.

This figure drawing DVD is rated G and can be seen by children on up to any age that have a desire to sketch the human figure or body. There is no mention or visuals of gentalia. For adults, this DVD will prepare you for life drawing or painting studio and class.

I have been teaching drawing at the college level for many years, basic drawing, animation and all graphic arts.

Try out my way of teaching drawing, so you will get the confidence to expand your work in sketching!