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NORTHERN PACIFIC SEASCAPE PAINTINGS Original Seascape Impression Oil Painting from Online Gallery. Home of Painter Kenneth John. Ken paints coastal seascape, landscape and still life oil paintings in a range from art realism to impression to folk art to expression. Ken was raised on the east coast of Florida and lived on the Southern California coast for 15 years.


seascape art paintings


NORTHERN PACIFIC SEASCAPE PAINTINGS Original Seascape Oil Paintings with Palette and Painting Knives
©2011 Kenneth John

(2) 6x8" and (5) 5x7" CANVAS PANELS

Sold unframed. Signed KEN on front in the paint. Each panel is signed, titled, date painted and web address on the back.


seascape painting 1

seascape painting 2

seascape painting 3

seascape painting 4 _seascape painting 5

seascape painting 6

seascape painting 7



seascape paintings

seascape oil paintings

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seascape painting

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©2011 Artist Kenneth John