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seascape oil painting finished
SEASCPAPE Original Impression Oil Painting
©2008 Kenneth John

18x24" on Stretched Canvas




stretched canvas toned drawing




I draw out the seascape with a black marker. The canvas has been toned and dried with alizarin crimson and odorless paint thinner.




palette pretested grumbacher oil paints permalba




My palette with knives and brushes I will use. My palette for this California Coast scene is: Permalba White - Grumbacher Pre Tested Oils - Cadium Yellow Light - Yellow Ochre - Alizarin Crimson - French UltraMarine Blue. The back of my 18x24" Windsor Newton Canvas.




paint sky background horizon line




I paint the background with my knives and brushes. The sky and horizon line are established.




ocean waves




I paint the rest of the ocean and the main wave and breakers.




rocks shoreline lay in




I roughly lay in the rest of the paint and try to establish the relationship with the water and the rocks.




detail the rocks and choppy water




I move the water and rocks around with the wave to very fast to try to get a overall scene. I try not to overwork one area and I don't try to follow my lines exactly.