Artist Illustrator Kenneth John as Ken Jethro Pugh

United States Navy USN VF-154 Black Knights 1980-83

Ken or otherwise known to his squadron mates as, Jethro. The nickname was given by his peers in Aviation Officers Candidate School in Pensacola, Florida from the former Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Jethro Pugh.

Stationed in San Diego, California at Miramar Naval Air Station, Ken was a Naval Flight Officer, NFO in a F-4 McDonnell Douglas Phantom Fighter Jet or better known as a Radar Intercept Officer, RIO. With 891 flight hours in the F-4 and over 300 traps aboard the USS Coral Sea, there was plenty of excitement, to say the least.

Remembering the old days:

jethro pugh

ken jethro pugh

ken jethro pugh


AOCS Aviation Officer Candidate School