Artist Kenneth John Ken Pugh:

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I grew up on the beaches of the east coast of Florida, Indialantic - Melbourne - Eau Gallie - Cocoa Beach. Did a lot of water sports and truly learned to love the ocean and surrounding areas. I was into sports as a young man and went to Florida State University and received my degree in Physical Education. I joined the Navy as a Naval Flight Officer and was lucky to log 900 hours in an F-4 Phantom Jet with over 300 traps/landings aboard the USS Coral Sea and traveled around the world twice, taking in even more oceans and seascapes. I lived in San Diego for 14 years and have made my way to Arizona thru Nevada.

After the Navy, I was working in the construction industry and learned to draw by taking my architectural drafting skills and started to draw freehand in a perspective way. I expanded my art drawing skills organically by taking a life drawing class and then life studio for many sessions over several years and also practiced by drawing outside, just about anything, especially at the beach. I still attend life studio, to keep my drawing skills up.

I was hooked on art and began reading and collecting books, video's, visiting galleries and museums. I was lucky to get in early, on mixing graphics and computers in the early 90’s and eventually was hired as a full time professor of computer graphics at a community college in Nevada, where for 6 years I taught everything associated with digital art and graphics. I still use Adobe Photoshop everyday. I moved to Arizona and taught graphics part time at community college for 3 more years and worked as a high school art teacher for one year.

I started to officially oil paint in 1998; I tried to paint a wave with prussian blue and white. What a mess! But I was intrigued so much that it became my passion for the past 14 years. After about 6 months, I started putting up some of my work on eBay, just to see if I could sell my paintings to pay for my materials. As of Summer 2013, I have sold over 1600 paintings and mailed them around the world. I sell them on my website, eBay and local. I now work full-time as an artist.

Artist statement about style:

I live in Arizona now, but go to the beach everyday in my studio, making frequent trips to the Pacific Coast for inspiration. I travel to Florida every now and then also. I intend to travel to the coast of Maine sometime for more inspiration and learning.

I enjoy impression and expression painting, I can use a lot more color, have more freedom to change things around and make them more dramatic. I like to paint paintings in one session, that's it, when I sign it, it's completely finished. I have used palette and painting knives for mostly my whole painting career. I paint fast, loosly and am constantly squinting my eyes to focus out detail. When I leave the studio after a long session, my eyes stay out of focus for a couple of hours.

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2010 Kenneth John Ken Pugh filming Beginning Acrylics 100 DVD