Landscape 104 Oil Painting - Get Started Art Training Lessons on Video DVD

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Landscape 104 Paint the Desert and Horses with KEN!

desert oil painting



A 2 hour Video DVD of Artist and Instructor Kenneth John. KEN is a former community college professor of graphic arts, former high school art teacher, private art instructor, artist and has authored over 20 video DVD's on fine art and computer graphic art instruction. Sit down and watch KEN explain the in and outs of landscape desert horses fine art painting.

KEN has been a computer graphics art professor for the past 14 years and has painted oils and acrylics for as many years. He shares his experience as a professor, teacher, instructor, trainer, demonstrator, artist and everyday passion for the beginner painter.



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See an example with a short clip of the instructional DVD from YouTube


  There are no bells and whistles, thrills or spills on the packaging or video production of this DVD. I tried to keep the costs down, the material on the DVD is what is important for you to learn. The DVD plays in your TV or on your Computer.  

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